Girltrash: All Night Long
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Film information

Directed by

Alexandra Kondracke

Produced by

Stacy Codikow
Topher Miller
Angela Robinson
Chris Thrasher
Lisa Thrasher

Written by

Angela Robinson (screenplay)


Lisa Rieffel
Michelle Lombardo
Gabrielle Christian
Mandy Musgrave
Kate French
Clementine Ford
Rose Rollins
Malaya Rivera Drew

Music by

Killola (original songs and musical numbers)


Sandra Valde-Hansen

Editing by

Chris W. Hill




$3,500,000 (approx.)

Preceded by


Followed by

GIrltrash: I Heart The Apocalypse

Girltrash: All Night Long is an upcoming musical film directed by Alexandra Kondracke. The screenplay was written by Angela Robinson and is a prequel to Robinson's Girltrash! web series. The film stars Lisa Rieffel, Michelle Lombardo,Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave with a supporting cast of Kate French, Clementine Ford, Rose Rollins and Malaya Rivera Drew.[1][2]


The story revolves around five girls and their adventures on one night. Daisy and Tyler are two hapless rockers trying to make it to a Battle of the Bands concert on time. They are waylaid by Daisy's sister, Colby, who has her sights set on hooking up with the girl of her dreams, Misty.


  • Lisa Rieffel as Daisy Robson
  • Michelle Lombardo as Tyler Murphy
  • Gabrielle Christian as Colby Robson
  • Mandy Musgrave as Misty Monroe
  • Kate French as Sid
  • Clementine Ford as Xan
  • Rose Rollins as Monique Jones
  • Kelly A. Ogden as Herself
  • Megan Cavanagh as Officer Margie
  • Malaya Rivera Drew as Lauren
  • The Dollyrots as themselves


The film took 29 days to shoot with principal production starting in December 2009 and finishing in February 2010.[3][4][5] Music for the film was written and Produced by Killola


On March, 25 2011 a trailer for the film was uploaded to YouTube. Girltrash cast member Lisa Rieffel confirmed on her Twitter page that producer Stacy Codikow failed to get the trailer approved by others associated with the film.[6]The expected release date for the film was November 2011.[7] However this release date was brought into question because of ongoing issues between Production staff and members of the Cast and Crew.[8] Moreover on October 5 It was announced that the film will be released some time in 2012.[9]

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