Angela Robinson


Angela Robinson



Birth date

February 2, 1971

Birth Place

San Francisco, California, U.S.


Alexandra Kondracke


Diego Robinson (b.2009)

Angela Robinson (born February 14, 1971 in San Francisco, California) is an American film and television director, screenwriter and producer. Robinson is a graduate of Brown University and New York University.


Robinson is a out lesbian[1] and frequently deals with gay and lesbian topics in her films. Robinson has directed an award winning short film D.E.B.S. short filmproduced by POWER UP [2] and a feature length film D.E.B.S.. In the feature length film, Robinson centers the film around the young lesbian relationship of characters Amy and Lucy. In the undercover spy film, several of the teenage girls depicted are either lesbian or bisexual, and those sexual orientations are central to the film. Amy, played by actress Sara Foster, is the pride and joy of her all-female teenage spy school, because she is the first ever to achieve the perfect score in the secret spy test hidden in her SATs. Her sweet demeanor catches the attention of bad girl Lucy Diamond, played by Jordana Brewster, who sets her sights on seducing Amy while striving for world domination. Although some feared that producers would pressure Robinson into downplaying the lesbian aspects of the film, Robinson later indicated that she received full support, and that the lesbian relationship between Amy and Lucy remained intact. Robinson said "If anything, we worked together on the script to make the relationship more complex and intimate".

In 2007, Robinson created the online series Girltrash! which resided on, an online offshoot of the television series, The L Word.[3]

Robinson has served as a writer and co-executive producer for HBO television series Hung.[4]

In addition to her film and TV work, Robinson is also currently the writing the first four issues of the Web ongoing series at DC Comics.

Robinson wrote the screenplay for a musical feature film and prequel to her Girltrash! series, Girltrash: All Night Long directed by Alexandra Kondracke.[5] Robinson was also one of the producers for the film. She is not to be confused with Angela Terry Robinson, who is also a filmmaker and motion picture editor.

Personal LifeEdit

Robinson is married to television writer and director Alexandra Kondracke. In 2009, Kondracke gave birth to their first child, Diego.[6] They live in Los Feliz.


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